Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rockin' my noggin with a RockiNoggins helmet cover

So remember the sparkly gold Nutcase helmet from this post?

Confession #1: I had an ulterior motive in asking for that for Christmas. It really always was intended to serve as a base for these super cute RockiNoggins helmet covers..... and I wanted something smaller and less round than my Marvin the Martian sized Bern Berkeley.

So, here I am sporting the RockiNoggin "Thunder" style helmet cover.

It has earflaps, which I thought I might utilize, but after trying it out, I discovered that they don't ride snug enough against my ears to really do much good, so I choose to just continue to wear the homemade fleece flaps that I have always worn under the straps (you can see it in this picture, too), so that the straps serve to hold them pressed to my ears to keep the wind out.

The RockiNoggins covers come with adhesive Velcro circles that you are supposed to stick to the outside of your helmet and then secure the hat to those with the strip of Velcro that is sewn around the inside of the edge of the cover.

Confession #2: I didn't do that. I really didn't want to put Velcro circles on my helmet in case I want/need to wear the helmet without a cover. And I found that the S/M size Thunder cover fits snug enough on my S/M size Nutcase that the Velcro doesn't really seem to be necessary.  It certainly has never given any indication that it is going to go flying off my helmet as I have ridden. Your mileage may vary, but at least for this particular Thunder style in combination with my particular helmet, the Velcro is not necessary.

In fact, I think it might ride a little "weird" on the helmet if I attempted to use the Velcro, because the cover actually would not be able to be pulled down as far on the helmet. You can actually see in the picture below the strip of Velcro that is being unused.

Not sure why the whole things looks excessively crooked. Probably because I'm not using the Velcro, hmmmmm??? :) Probably.

I also need to take a pair of scissors to the tag that keeps flopping out, visible on the right side of this picture.

Now, also to go with this picture...... let's talk about the bill of the Thunder cover. The fact that you could land a small plane on it means that it is likely a wee bit bigger than perhaps it needs to be. But it definitely keeps the sun out of your eyes. I have not even worn my sunglasses while riding since I have gotten this cover.

And since the smallest details usually give the biggest impact, lets talk about the bling-bling that gives my cover that extra oomph of cuteness.  RockiNoggins offers several different accessories that you can purchase from them, for instance:


or THIS 

 or THAT 
 or even THIS (ribbit!)

Alas, though......none of those match my winter riding attire, my Hi-Viz fluorescent yellow reflective coat.  But this girl can sew! So she made her own.

Using this tutorial, and the yellow fluorescent material left over from the sleeves I cut off of a T-shirt that is my summer riding attire, I made this. It's adorable. Yes it is.  And easy, too!

Here's the back.  A circle of craft foam and a hair snap clip (Package of 12 for $1 at Dollar General.)

And since the Thunder helmet cover actually came with the detail of a opening on the front of the hat, I had a perfect place all ready to snap my bling onto.

Here's another one I made using this tutorial (scroll to the very bottom of this tut to the plum-colored shabby chic one.)  But I made it even easier. I simply used the already hemmed edges of those same cut off T-shirt sleeves, cut slits in them like the tutorial describes, and rolled it into a flower starting from one end. Easy peesy.  Added a third little rosebud flower from the same material, some antique buttons, and I have another super cute accessory made from scraps!  How green can one be?

I will be making many, many more of these from all those cut-off T-shirt sleeves I have. I am going to have matching bling for every single shirt I ride in! 

I will definitely be adding more RockiNoggins covers to my collection. Because I think they make a really cool product.  And I'm going to need some summer styles, as well, right? :) 

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